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Product name

Precision Roller/Needle

Product description

Precision Roller・Needle

Following high functioning according diameter to control by nanometer.

High precision roller

Custom-made high precision roller.
Diameter φ1.0 〜 φ20.0 (Please contact us if you need over φ20.)
Total length L=0.9mm〜40.0mm (Please contact us if you need over L40mm)
Roundness Until 0.0001mm
Material SUJ2・SUS440C・SUS420J2・KWS4MA・Hard-metal・Fine-ceramics
These roller are not JIS standard but a custom-made.
Please contact us your demand size.

Roundness 0.1μm data

Needle roller for XY table

Highest grade precision by ultraprecision grinding technique.
Diameter mutual error Under0.00005mm(Under0.05μm)
Roundness Under0.00005mm(Under0.05μm)
Surface roughness


Material Stainless・Hard-metal・Fine-ceramics
Microscopic swell and roundness of table motion by a linear motor drive(horizontal direction/ X-axis)

Feed speed F=60mm/min(X0~X230)

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