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Wear and Abrasion Resistance

As a highly wear-resistant material , in the iron-based there is a carbon steel and alloy steel .
In a more highly wear-resistant material there is a ceramic or cemented carbide .
Please choose the material considering the balance of wear resistance and impact resistance.

Wear and abrasion resistance and Shock resistance

"Shock Resistance" and "Wear and Abrasion Resistance"

※Of stainless steel SUS440C is has excellent wear resistance , but is an expensive material.
Please try a low value material KWS4MA with excellent sliding properties in SUS440C equivalent hardness .
The above graph shows the impact resistance and abrasion resistance of the image.

Mechanical properties and physical properties (common temperature)

Material Hardness
Longitudinal elastic modulus
Specific heat
Heat conductivity
Heat expansion coefficient


μ Ω・㎝

Magnetic permeability
SUS410 400~600 7.75 20.2 0.46 23.8 9.9 57 Hard magnetism
SUS420J2 500~700 7.75 20.6 0.46 25.0 10.4 56 Hard magnetism
SUS440C 600~800 7.75 20.5 0.46 24.2 10.6 60 Hard magnetism
KWS4MA 600~800 7.75 20.6 0.46 24.7 10.6 67 Hard magnetism
SUJ2 750 7.75 20.8 0.46 46.0 12.5   Hard magnetism
SK105(SK3) 7.75   0.46 45.2 11.3   Hard magnetism
Zirconium   6.00 21   4.0 10.0   Non magnetic

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